Monday, March 29, 2010

Overly Eager Horsey

No dreams I can remember lately. I've been having many, many dreams, but I'd wake in the middle of the night thinking they were vivid enough to be able to remember the next day, as they usually are to some extent. Unfortunately none of them stuck, so as usual I will post an old dream.

Sept 13, 2009- Was out at the area out past a creek that I have visited in past dreams. There is a large fence that blocks from a small area that is between me and these horses. So actually there are 2 fences. One for me, one for the horses, and the space between is around 10-12 feet of grass. I'm on lower ground, and the grass area that the horses are on it a hill. I was just looking at the horses, when one of them came up to their fence, stared at me and acted like it wanted me to pet it. I'd never seen a horse want me to pet them so bad, haha. It actually backed up, attempted to jump over BOTH fences (and the gap between) and failed the first time, landing on its face in the area between the fences. Apparently jumping that large fence isn't a problem for this horse, so he jumped back over to get onto the hill and try again (I guess it needed to start from higher ground to clear both fences). It looked extremely determined to make the jump, So I got on the other side of the fence to my right (which happened to be a wooden fence, so it was easy to get around) to clear him some room for landing. Of course, he did make the jump barely and had to do some crazy spin move or something to make it, haha. So then I started to pet him, and he was all happy. And... then I woke up. =P

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hit and run

August 27th, 2009- I was in some sort of mall or something. There were gates of some sort blocking for a building, and this guy let this girl out and was like "ok 2 minutes enjoy it while you can" or something like that. He ended up saying he owned her or something, so I got all pissed off about it, and then these 3 girls started laughing at me when I was trying to be serious. I smacked them all in the face with giant book or something (haha). They then were pissed and were chasing me around and were going to kill me. Eventually it turned into a different setting and Scott Harris was the main person trying to kill me following a bunch of other people as well. All I remember after that is it ended in peace... haha. It was a pretty stressful dream.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spin out, scary bug.

March 20th, 2010- This dream started inside the high school. Apparently there some some photography class or learning-type thing going on somewhere close, so I decided to go with a small group of people. The 5 of us left the high school, two in one car and 3 in the other. Rabi was driving Payahm and me, and was playing Silverstein in the car. We were driving along on the highway or something, and it wasn't long before we entered an area that had very narrow roads between giant rocks formations. This road was pretty much zig zags, so it was very sharp turns. For some reason Rabi wasn't slowing down to make the turns, and so after a few sharp turns we ended up spinning out and then having the back of the car ram into the rocks. Apparently it must have been right before the end of the rock formations, because when we got out of the car to examine it, there were tangerine trees right next to us. When I noticed the tangerine trees, I also saw a very scary-looking bug, which looked like some type of large wasp with a giant stinger. I was frightened by this bug, and it moved as well. The dream ended then. I'm sort of confused, because in the dream I had originally thought that the photography thing was just going to be in town, so I'm not sure how we ended up so far away, haha.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

'Thankful' Fruit-Chucking and Slicing Demons.

March 18th, 2010- Another dream that took place at the log home. I started out at the barn, was hanging out with Blackjack and Fancy (our horses we had). They started chasing each other, which over time got more and more chaotic. They started going nuts, and even were running into me. I headed back up to the house, and saw a couple of people sitting in our hot tub. I did not know them. It was a man and a woman with dark skin and war paint on their faces. I was nice to them, and decided I would let them continue to sit in the hot tub. I walked back down to the barn, and they got out and followed me. When I got to the barn, they started chucking some sort of fruit at me. I think it was an act of appreciation for me being kind of them. The fruit looked like circular avocados, but were very hard, and very dry. The skin of the fruits were flaky and were coming off when they were hitting me. They were nailing me with these fruits, and it was very painful. I told them to stop, but apparently they do not speak english. They seemed to know select words from different languages, and I somehow managed to get them to understand me when I told them that their thought process is screwed up and that what they were doing was ridiculous. They got very mad with this, and they started to transform in some way. The fruits morphed into some sort of sphere with a curvy metal design attached. I ran back up to the house to tell my mom what was going on. We walked back outside towards the barn, only to see the yard full of large red demons carrying axes, as well as some white demon-looking things. The red demons were very similar-looking to the Doomguard-type mobs you find in World of Warcraft (click for photo). Frightened, we immediately started running back to the house. One of the red demons started chasing us, with others following. I made it into the door, and my mom was right behind me. The demon caught up to my mom RIGHT before she was about to step in to the house, and sliced her in half with the axe. I shut the door, walked a few feet more through the house, and my mom respawned next to me. Apparently in this dream we had multiple lives. We looked out the window in the door only to see many of them trying to enter. One of the white-looking demons went through the door (must have been a ghost of some sort), and attacked us. The dream ended.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dentist and Crazy Sledding

Well, my dreams last night were a bit too random and complicated for me to know what was going on, so I don't remember much other than in the longer dream there was a dentist involved at some point, and then later in a different dream, I ended up sledding down a huge hill that had a quarter pipe at the bottom. I ended up hitting the quarter pipe and flying at least 20 feet in the air, and woke up before I hit the ground.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Humanoid head bashing!

Haven't had many vivid dreams lately. Many dreams, just not vivid ones. Last night I did have a slightly vivid dream though. I will try to remember to post older dreams on some days that I don't have any from the night before like I said I would. Anyway, here's the dream from last night that I do remember:

Mar 11th, 2010- I was at the Claghorn Custom Flooring shop. I know there were other people there with me, so I'm guessing they were my parents. The other people there with me were of no significance in this dream as everything I did was by myself. Across the street were buildings different from what really is there, but I cannot provide details about them. There were some sort of humanoids (doubtfully humans) that kept coming and attacking us from that area across the street. They were not easy to fight off, though there were not swarms of them. Some of them had guns of some sort, and I had some sort of large solid rod or pole of some sort. I eventually figured out that the best way to attack them would be to get to close range and deliver a forceful blow to their heads. I remember some of them taking many blows to the head before it did any good. I don't even think that it killed them, but rather left them incapacitated. This dream didn't really have an ending that I can remember. I just remember they kept coming and I kept having to attempt to fight them off with very large amounts of force to the top of their heads.

I seem to like bashing people in the head with things in my dreams.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Faceless, live from distance.

Mar 3rd, 2010- I was at a concert with my sister, and I think we had VIP passes or something, since we weren't in the crowd, but standing at a wall at the side of the stage. The beginning of the dream was the end of the set of a band, but I don't remember the band. The band who came on next was The Faceless, woo! My sister told me to take some photos with her camera, and got her camera out. My camera bag somehow popped out of no where and I was like "oh hey, I have my camera bag!" Sure, I had everything in it… except my camera, so I ended up using my sister's camera anyway. It had a lens on that's longest focal length was 444. I think the shorter was 40, but not positive about that. 40-444mm, haha. I asked Mr. Landrum (who came out of no where) who the band playing after The Faceless was, he said it was Morat, and I said "Hmm, I don't know that band".at a guy who was in the band walking around. I put the viewfinder of the camera up to my eye to zoom in on one of the guys in 'Morat' to see what shirt he was wearing, and he was wearing a Behemoth shirt. I think said "Well, he's wearing a Behemoth shirt, so they must be ok, haha". I then started to pay attention to taking photos of The Faceless while they played. At this time the stage turned into a giant gym at a high school (yeah, every concert dream I have ends up being at a high school for some reason), and we were at the top of some VERY large bleachers. The Faceless was playing on the other left corner of the gym, and looked very small. I soon saw the problem: There were some high school basketball players that decided to come in and play some basketball while the concert was going on. They were playing to the right of (in front of) The Faceless. That lasted about 10 seconds before The Faceless stopped playing, yelled at the guys telling them to get off the court, and chased them off. The band then moved closer to the bleachers and started playing again. The band may have moved closer to the bleachers, but then the bleachers grew in height, so I was even further than I was from them in the first place. Really, really high up. The 444mm wouldn't cut it, I could only get a pretty much vertical angle of the band as a whole, but nothing closer or good. As I continued to attempted to get a good shot of something, which was pretty much impossible, that feeling you get when you're at a high height (or afraid of heights) came, and I woke up.

"Clag's Dreams"

Hello all!

I decided to make a blog dedicated to the dreams I have during the night. I will be posting them as I write them down, and it may go on and off. If there is a day or time where I don't remember my dreams, I may throw in an old dream I have written down instead. I may even do video's talking about the dreams, along with the writing of the dream itself, so you'll be able to choose, haha.

Anyway, hope you find my dream world as interesting as I do!