Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Faceless, live from distance.

Mar 3rd, 2010- I was at a concert with my sister, and I think we had VIP passes or something, since we weren't in the crowd, but standing at a wall at the side of the stage. The beginning of the dream was the end of the set of a band, but I don't remember the band. The band who came on next was The Faceless, woo! My sister told me to take some photos with her camera, and got her camera out. My camera bag somehow popped out of no where and I was like "oh hey, I have my camera bag!" Sure, I had everything in it… except my camera, so I ended up using my sister's camera anyway. It had a lens on that's longest focal length was 444. I think the shorter was 40, but not positive about that. 40-444mm, haha. I asked Mr. Landrum (who came out of no where) who the band playing after The Faceless was, he said it was Morat, and I said "Hmm, I don't know that band".at a guy who was in the band walking around. I put the viewfinder of the camera up to my eye to zoom in on one of the guys in 'Morat' to see what shirt he was wearing, and he was wearing a Behemoth shirt. I think said "Well, he's wearing a Behemoth shirt, so they must be ok, haha". I then started to pay attention to taking photos of The Faceless while they played. At this time the stage turned into a giant gym at a high school (yeah, every concert dream I have ends up being at a high school for some reason), and we were at the top of some VERY large bleachers. The Faceless was playing on the other left corner of the gym, and looked very small. I soon saw the problem: There were some high school basketball players that decided to come in and play some basketball while the concert was going on. They were playing to the right of (in front of) The Faceless. That lasted about 10 seconds before The Faceless stopped playing, yelled at the guys telling them to get off the court, and chased them off. The band then moved closer to the bleachers and started playing again. The band may have moved closer to the bleachers, but then the bleachers grew in height, so I was even further than I was from them in the first place. Really, really high up. The 444mm wouldn't cut it, I could only get a pretty much vertical angle of the band as a whole, but nothing closer or good. As I continued to attempted to get a good shot of something, which was pretty much impossible, that feeling you get when you're at a high height (or afraid of heights) came, and I woke up.

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