Monday, March 22, 2010

Hit and run

August 27th, 2009- I was in some sort of mall or something. There were gates of some sort blocking for a building, and this guy let this girl out and was like "ok 2 minutes enjoy it while you can" or something like that. He ended up saying he owned her or something, so I got all pissed off about it, and then these 3 girls started laughing at me when I was trying to be serious. I smacked them all in the face with giant book or something (haha). They then were pissed and were chasing me around and were going to kill me. Eventually it turned into a different setting and Scott Harris was the main person trying to kill me following a bunch of other people as well. All I remember after that is it ended in peace... haha. It was a pretty stressful dream.

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