Friday, March 12, 2010

Humanoid head bashing!

Haven't had many vivid dreams lately. Many dreams, just not vivid ones. Last night I did have a slightly vivid dream though. I will try to remember to post older dreams on some days that I don't have any from the night before like I said I would. Anyway, here's the dream from last night that I do remember:

Mar 11th, 2010- I was at the Claghorn Custom Flooring shop. I know there were other people there with me, so I'm guessing they were my parents. The other people there with me were of no significance in this dream as everything I did was by myself. Across the street were buildings different from what really is there, but I cannot provide details about them. There were some sort of humanoids (doubtfully humans) that kept coming and attacking us from that area across the street. They were not easy to fight off, though there were not swarms of them. Some of them had guns of some sort, and I had some sort of large solid rod or pole of some sort. I eventually figured out that the best way to attack them would be to get to close range and deliver a forceful blow to their heads. I remember some of them taking many blows to the head before it did any good. I don't even think that it killed them, but rather left them incapacitated. This dream didn't really have an ending that I can remember. I just remember they kept coming and I kept having to attempt to fight them off with very large amounts of force to the top of their heads.

I seem to like bashing people in the head with things in my dreams.

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