Saturday, March 20, 2010

'Thankful' Fruit-Chucking and Slicing Demons.

March 18th, 2010- Another dream that took place at the log home. I started out at the barn, was hanging out with Blackjack and Fancy (our horses we had). They started chasing each other, which over time got more and more chaotic. They started going nuts, and even were running into me. I headed back up to the house, and saw a couple of people sitting in our hot tub. I did not know them. It was a man and a woman with dark skin and war paint on their faces. I was nice to them, and decided I would let them continue to sit in the hot tub. I walked back down to the barn, and they got out and followed me. When I got to the barn, they started chucking some sort of fruit at me. I think it was an act of appreciation for me being kind of them. The fruit looked like circular avocados, but were very hard, and very dry. The skin of the fruits were flaky and were coming off when they were hitting me. They were nailing me with these fruits, and it was very painful. I told them to stop, but apparently they do not speak english. They seemed to know select words from different languages, and I somehow managed to get them to understand me when I told them that their thought process is screwed up and that what they were doing was ridiculous. They got very mad with this, and they started to transform in some way. The fruits morphed into some sort of sphere with a curvy metal design attached. I ran back up to the house to tell my mom what was going on. We walked back outside towards the barn, only to see the yard full of large red demons carrying axes, as well as some white demon-looking things. The red demons were very similar-looking to the Doomguard-type mobs you find in World of Warcraft (click for photo). Frightened, we immediately started running back to the house. One of the red demons started chasing us, with others following. I made it into the door, and my mom was right behind me. The demon caught up to my mom RIGHT before she was about to step in to the house, and sliced her in half with the axe. I shut the door, walked a few feet more through the house, and my mom respawned next to me. Apparently in this dream we had multiple lives. We looked out the window in the door only to see many of them trying to enter. One of the white-looking demons went through the door (must have been a ghost of some sort), and attacked us. The dream ended.

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