Monday, March 29, 2010

Overly Eager Horsey

No dreams I can remember lately. I've been having many, many dreams, but I'd wake in the middle of the night thinking they were vivid enough to be able to remember the next day, as they usually are to some extent. Unfortunately none of them stuck, so as usual I will post an old dream.

Sept 13, 2009- Was out at the area out past a creek that I have visited in past dreams. There is a large fence that blocks from a small area that is between me and these horses. So actually there are 2 fences. One for me, one for the horses, and the space between is around 10-12 feet of grass. I'm on lower ground, and the grass area that the horses are on it a hill. I was just looking at the horses, when one of them came up to their fence, stared at me and acted like it wanted me to pet it. I'd never seen a horse want me to pet them so bad, haha. It actually backed up, attempted to jump over BOTH fences (and the gap between) and failed the first time, landing on its face in the area between the fences. Apparently jumping that large fence isn't a problem for this horse, so he jumped back over to get onto the hill and try again (I guess it needed to start from higher ground to clear both fences). It looked extremely determined to make the jump, So I got on the other side of the fence to my right (which happened to be a wooden fence, so it was easy to get around) to clear him some room for landing. Of course, he did make the jump barely and had to do some crazy spin move or something to make it, haha. So then I started to pet him, and he was all happy. And... then I woke up. =P

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