Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spin out, scary bug.

March 20th, 2010- This dream started inside the high school. Apparently there some some photography class or learning-type thing going on somewhere close, so I decided to go with a small group of people. The 5 of us left the high school, two in one car and 3 in the other. Rabi was driving Payahm and me, and was playing Silverstein in the car. We were driving along on the highway or something, and it wasn't long before we entered an area that had very narrow roads between giant rocks formations. This road was pretty much zig zags, so it was very sharp turns. For some reason Rabi wasn't slowing down to make the turns, and so after a few sharp turns we ended up spinning out and then having the back of the car ram into the rocks. Apparently it must have been right before the end of the rock formations, because when we got out of the car to examine it, there were tangerine trees right next to us. When I noticed the tangerine trees, I also saw a very scary-looking bug, which looked like some type of large wasp with a giant stinger. I was frightened by this bug, and it moved as well. The dream ended then. I'm sort of confused, because in the dream I had originally thought that the photography thing was just going to be in town, so I'm not sure how we ended up so far away, haha.

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