Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pet Jungle Black Death Obstacle!

April 5th, 2010- I started out with my dad in Pet Jungle (a local pet store that closed down last year). I was in there for a bit, though I'm not sure why. I didn't seem to be looking for anything, so I was probably just visiting. Some kid I used to skate with sometimes back in the day named Jackson was there, though I think he was actually supposed to be my dad's girlfriend's son Anthony. Shortly after Jackson showed up, we left Pet Jungle and got in the car. I was sitting in the front passenger side. My dad and Jackson got in the back seats, and my dad then told me to drive. I got angered and told him no. I can't remember if he said he was kidding or if he just then ended up driving anyway. We eventually ended up somewhere else, where I came across what was apparently a familiar building. It was an interesting all-black building, that for some reason 'chapel-like' comes into mind, even though I don't really know what it looked like from the outside. All I know is there was a walk out part that was not on the ground, and there was what seemed to be a very large steeple. The middle of the church was a small circular area, which was probably the inside of the large 'steeple' area. There was also much black inside. I went inside this building into the small circular area, which was empty and I was just looking around. I turned around to head back out, and I was startled by something blocking the door. It looked sort of like death (black robe, and was pretty much a skeleton). Frightened, I eventually fell through something and ended up on a chain, which went across in the middle of a large dark room. Beneath me was a big pit of complete darkness. Around me I could see more of the 'death-type' looking people floating around. On one side of me there was another chain swaying back and forth over this pit of darkness, which then was closer to a ledge that lead to another room. On the other side was the same thing. A loud, widespread voice then came and told me I needed to choose which side to go to, and if I choose the wrong one, I will die. I chose a side, grabbed the next chain and eventually ended up on the next ledge. When I got to the ledge, I walked a few feet, and the voice then scolded me telling me I chose the wrong side. The floor behind me disappeared, and I was forced to jump off the ledge I was on. The area that I jumped to was a long fall, which I could see the bottom of. If I hit, there's no way I could have survived. I ended up falling through a very small hole (but obviously large enough for me to fall through) that was in one spot of the floor. Apparently I got lucky and survived that obstacle by falling into the safe spot. As I was falling through that, I then ended up falling even further down, into another large area that was very dark and below me was complete darkness, which was then what I needed to avoid falling down next to survive. There was a large rope with an anchor at the end coming from above, which I was able to grab as soon as I got close to it. Next to that was a very sketchy wooden platform which would have most likely taken me to another area I'd have to find a way to get through. Holding the rope with my feet on the hook of the anchor, I swung myself so I could then jump onto the wooden platform. I started following where the platforms would take me. I started to hear something that was a constant chirp of some sort, that seemed like it was stuck on repeat. I also started to become very annoyed with how very dark it was, as it was difficult for me to see where I was going. I thought to myself "Hey, I bet turning up the gamma would help!". This whole scene then 'zoomed out' to me being at my computer, searching for the menu key on my monitor to increase the gamma so I could see better. The dream ended. The noise that seemed stuck on repeat was a bird I heard outside that was singing the same tune over and over.


  1. I think your dreams could be easily turned into a video game, ya know. :P

  2. I can definitely agree with that, haha. Many of my dreams have some sort of obstacles or competitions involved. Many more than I write down, actually. I wish I remembered them all.