Thursday, April 8, 2010

Restroom & Surf Board Exercise

April 6th, 2010- A couple of shorter dreams last night (though they don't seem all that short when you look at how much I wrote because of the details I tried to include).

What I remember from the first dream is that I was in what I'm guessing to be a high school, probably because of a marching band competition or something since I remember seeing a marching band around somewhere. A bunch of people including myself had to use the restroom, and so we all went into this restroom (which was a bit bigger than a normal high school restroom) where there were a lot of people seemingly 'hanging out' in there. There was one guy in there who had a spray of some sort, that he was spraying into his eye. It was a drug of some sort apparently. Some other people and I left the restroom to go let some people know what was going on in there, though we saw some police men already heading that way, so we headed back. We all stood outside the restroom to hear what was going on, and all I know is that the guy who was spaying the stuff in his eye was going nuts in there, but eventually calmed down and was taken out of the restroom. I headed back in, because I had had to pee pretty badly for awhile, though when I got in, I didn't feel like I had to pee anymore. That is all I remember from this dream. I also wrote down "Dennis" on the post-it when I woke up from that dream, so apparently Dennis was with me and played an important role in the dream somehow. I don't remember any of that though.

The second dream started out at my grandparent's old house, though my grandparents were not there. I was there with my mom and her boyfriend Michael. I remember there being some random Christmas decorations even though it wasn't that time of year. One being one of those Santas that stand up, and it was at waist height, as well as its head would move back and forth. But the thing is, it wasn't a Santa. It had a snowman head. I noticed that and was wondering why my mom would have put a snowman head on it instead, and found it pretty odd. My mom had just left the house when the dream started I think, and Michael was inside getting ready to head outside. He then went outside to the backyard, which had a walkway which lead to a platform around 30 feet from the house. I followed him out there for some reason onto the platform, and there were other people around that I knew. I then realized Michael was about to lead some exercises of some sort with all these people. The few guys around me on the platform were people I didn't particularly like in high school who were a year or two older than me (one of those few died a couple months ago). One of them started messing around with me faking kicks at me. I grabbed his foot and started to twist it when he then went along and did a flip, like I was the one who had done it to him. He was playing around, and I was actually quite amused and found him to be quite pleasant, though in real life I do not feel that way. Anyway, I then headed back to the house, since in the dream I still had ME/CFS and wasn't going to take part in the exercises. As I headed back, I saw everyone run to the sides of the yards to where 'surf boards' were. Apparently there was some 'surf board' exercise. When I neared the back door, they had put these 'surf boards' onto stands (which made them look like ironing boards.. haha). There was some sort of ribbon or tape blocking off the back door, so I either had to go over it or under it to get through the door. I stood there for about 5 seconds trying to figure out if I'd rather go over or under, and Steve Ross (who was standing next to Taylor Campi) ended up telling me to go under. I did that, got inside, and tried to shut the door, but it wouldn't close all the way. There was a huge grasshopper in the way of it. I opened the door and tried to get it out of the way, with the help of Steve and Taylor. Don't remember anything after that. For this dream, I also wrote down "GGM". I don't remember where that came in, I just remember it had something to do with Michael. Like.. Michael 'was the GGM', whatever that means.

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