Friday, April 16, 2010

Vomiting Sphinx Tomb

April 15th, 2010- There was one very long dream, though I only remember parts of the very end of it. I was with a group of people at this point, and we all went inside of this giant sphinx thing like the ones in Egypt. Deep inside of it was a room with blocks to sit on, and we all sad. All four corners of the room had holes that lead up to who knows where, but they had some sort of liquid falling down along them. We all started to figure out what the liquid was, and everyone started to taste it. For some reason, everyone kept tasting it over and over, and eventually I figured out that it was vomit. We decided we needed to get out of there, so we moved on. Moving forward took us to a very slippery floor which turned into a large, downward-slanting ramp which was also covered in this 'vomit', therefore it was slippery as well. As we all quickly slid down this ramp, we had to avoid hitting pillars that came down from the ceiling. It reminded me of a parking garage with the pillars and ramp and all, though the ramp was at a much greater angle. As we all slid down, avoiding the pillars, I heard a woman yell out to a younger boy seeming amused by some books the boy was reading for a class, who then yelled back saying his class is awful. We reached the bottom, and were out of the 'Sphinx tomb'. As I walked across some sand over to some people, I saw one of the people's (who had been in the tomb with us) head pop through a sarcophagus that was about 10 feet away. Moments later, the setting changed. It was my mom, sister, and myself in a small, dark room of some sort. I got my 'iPhone radio' for all 3 of us to listen to what was going on with the people who were in the 'Sphinx tomb'. It was like it was a story, or a show of some sort.

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