Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kleenex cheeseburger

May 17th, 2010- Max showed me something he thought was really awesome. He created a cheeseburger out of a Kleenex, and must have colored it or something. He would then stick it on his forehead. Later in the day I was laying in a bed located where the kitchen in our house is. The living room was full of people, who were waiting for Max to give a speech or something. I got out of bed and sat against a wall to join everyone. Max talked for a bit, then came to me and told me he'd be right back. I knew exactly what he was doing. He came back with a Kleenex cheeseburger on his forehead, all excited to show everyone.

That was it, haha.

Monday, May 17, 2010

May 16th notes...

May 16th, 2010- Notes:
-Large jamaican man with very strong accent (not my mom's boyfriend), had a hard time understanding him.
-car parked in front of house door, but blocked by another car parked perpendicular to the one I/we needed (multiple occasions at different locations).
-lead to jamaican guy, me, and someone else going to an alien planet, attacked by the aliens… we wiped the area clean of them.

If only I could remember enough to fill in the gaps for this one. It was all connected, and had reasoning, but I'm clueless.

Forgot it again... Destin.

May 15th, 2010- I was with my mom, dad, and sister driving to Destin, Florida. I was asleep with my head on my pillow which was in my lap. Even though I was asleep, I could hear what was going on around me. All the sudden I thought to myself, "I FORGOT MY FUCKING CAMERA!", but I then began to think I actually said that out loud, as I heard my family giggling around me. As we neared Destin, I woke up slightly, so I was just half asleep, hearing the voices of my family clearer now. My dad told me to wake up, but I just said "I don't even want to be here… I can't do this." because the thought of going on a vacation while having ME/CFS was just horrible. It ended shortly after as I continued to refuse to be there.

I've been trying to keep ME/CFS out of my dreams lately, but you know, it is not easy. I will continue to try to keep it out as much as possible. Also, I seem to always forget to bring my camera with me in my dreams...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Impaled in the Crotch? :|

May 3rd, 2010- This one started in the woods in the back of the log home I used to live in. I was just walking around the woods, and I ended up in the next door neighbor's back yard, which was a large hill (I used to sled there). I walked up the side of the yard to the side of the house, where there was a woman doing yard work. I walked past her trying to find my way back to the road so I could get back to my house. The front yard was full of water, docks, and obstacles. As I stood there, shocked at what I was seeing, a very old woman approached me. I don't remember anything she said, but she led me onto a part of the dock which came to an end. I had to overcome the obstacle to pass the water and return to dry land, and be on my way back to my home. The obstacle required me to pass this wide area of water by using some sort of things that were floating in the water. I ended up bypassing all of that by just jumping over it. No head start or anything, I just ended up successfully jumping over 15 feet of water, so that was one way to do it, haha. I headed back to my home, coming from the bottom part of the woods at the back of the house. I heard something going on. As I neared, I began to see there was some type of war going on at my home, and there were tons of humanoid figures attacking others. These humanoid figures seemed like a mix of hm… orcs, goblins, aliens, and humans. Something like that. I continued to come closer to the house, but was then attacked by 3 of the humanoids. I tried to defend myself, but two of them held me still as the third one took a spear of some sort and impaled me in the crotch. I felt a strong force of pressure in that area as this happened, and then the dream ended.

How lovely. I sure hope I never end up getting impaled in the crotch!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


May 5th, 2010- Started out driving, and neared a traffic light. There was a car in front of me in the lane I was in, which was to the left of the right turn lane (no cars were in the right turn lane). For some reason, I was having trouble slowing and stopping when approaching the traffic light, so I ended up quickly turning into the right turn lane, which entered a neighborhood. As soon as I entered the neighborhood, I somehow ended up in the air, almost flipping my car. My car was on its side. While in the air, I thought "I wonder if this will hurt when I hit the ground…". The left side of the car then hit the ground, and very quickly then fell back with all 4 wheels on the ground. I was surprised to have found out that I did not feel it at all, not even pressure (I normally feel strong pressure instead of real pain while dreaming). I realized I was tired of having dreams where my driving was out of control, so I woke myself up slightly. I then told myself "I will not continue to be out of control", and fell back asleep. When the dream came back, I was then sitting in the back right seat of a car with the Campi's. Taylor was sitting to my left, Mr. Campi in front of me, Mrs. Campi was driving, and Jordan was sitting behind me in the 3rd row of seats. We started passing the high school, where there was a lot of stuff blocking the road we had to drive around. I then realized there was a marching band competition going on, and said out loud, "I miss marching band." Mr. Campi agreed with me. I said "I had a lot of fun during marching band.", and then Mr. Campi put his hand up and over the seat while saying "Fun? Seemed more like work to me, but yeah." I grabbed his hand awkwardly, and just confirmed that I felt I had a good time during marching band. The dream ended.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Shaved head skating Clag.

April 30th, 2010- This dream must have been a combination of past memories. I was at David Johnson's house, hanging out with him and a few other people. Me and a couple others were skateboarding on David's driveway. One of those people was the Youtube user Enminem, haha. He was trying to teach me how to do some tricks correctly, as I was failing since I hadn't skated in years. Brandon Tischbein was there as well. We had just attempting a couple of tricks that ended at the end of the driveway, and were walking back up. We both starting dancing as we walked back up the driveway, haha. When up there, David's mom came out of the house wearing what appeared to be a blonde, long haired wig that looked really weird on her, haha. Apparently I had a shaved head and had been wearing a hat, but took it off, and David's mom noticed something on my head. When she looked closer, she then told me someone had been writing stuff on my head. She headed inside to find something to wash it off with, and the dream ended.