Thursday, May 6, 2010


May 5th, 2010- Started out driving, and neared a traffic light. There was a car in front of me in the lane I was in, which was to the left of the right turn lane (no cars were in the right turn lane). For some reason, I was having trouble slowing and stopping when approaching the traffic light, so I ended up quickly turning into the right turn lane, which entered a neighborhood. As soon as I entered the neighborhood, I somehow ended up in the air, almost flipping my car. My car was on its side. While in the air, I thought "I wonder if this will hurt when I hit the ground…". The left side of the car then hit the ground, and very quickly then fell back with all 4 wheels on the ground. I was surprised to have found out that I did not feel it at all, not even pressure (I normally feel strong pressure instead of real pain while dreaming). I realized I was tired of having dreams where my driving was out of control, so I woke myself up slightly. I then told myself "I will not continue to be out of control", and fell back asleep. When the dream came back, I was then sitting in the back right seat of a car with the Campi's. Taylor was sitting to my left, Mr. Campi in front of me, Mrs. Campi was driving, and Jordan was sitting behind me in the 3rd row of seats. We started passing the high school, where there was a lot of stuff blocking the road we had to drive around. I then realized there was a marching band competition going on, and said out loud, "I miss marching band." Mr. Campi agreed with me. I said "I had a lot of fun during marching band.", and then Mr. Campi put his hand up and over the seat while saying "Fun? Seemed more like work to me, but yeah." I grabbed his hand awkwardly, and just confirmed that I felt I had a good time during marching band. The dream ended.

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