Monday, May 17, 2010

Forgot it again... Destin.

May 15th, 2010- I was with my mom, dad, and sister driving to Destin, Florida. I was asleep with my head on my pillow which was in my lap. Even though I was asleep, I could hear what was going on around me. All the sudden I thought to myself, "I FORGOT MY FUCKING CAMERA!", but I then began to think I actually said that out loud, as I heard my family giggling around me. As we neared Destin, I woke up slightly, so I was just half asleep, hearing the voices of my family clearer now. My dad told me to wake up, but I just said "I don't even want to be here… I can't do this." because the thought of going on a vacation while having ME/CFS was just horrible. It ended shortly after as I continued to refuse to be there.

I've been trying to keep ME/CFS out of my dreams lately, but you know, it is not easy. I will continue to try to keep it out as much as possible. Also, I seem to always forget to bring my camera with me in my dreams...

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