Monday, June 21, 2010

Dreamin', dream's out.

June 20th, 2010- Back to school once again. Took place in what seemed more like the middle school. I started out in some sort of science class, and we were doing a lab. All I remember doing there was talking to the girl who I was partnered with for the lab. Class ended, and I went to my locker. There were a few people at my locker already, trying to open it. They were acting funny as soon as they realized I was there, and I instantly knew they had been hiding drugs in my locker, which they thought to be a good spot since I hadn't been to school in awhile. I told them to get whatever it was out of my locker and go away, but they refused to take it out of my locker. At that point I headed to my next class, which I think was a spanish class. The desks were circled around the room, except for mine, which was in the very middle of the room. I fell asleep, and was dreaming. I dreamt that Jerad was at school with me, and when we saw each other we gave each other a giannnnnt hug. Jerad seemed so happy. I said something out loud in my sleep about Jerad, and the class started laughing. I woke up, and for some reason the class made a huge deal out of it and I had to make sure that they knew I was sleeping. Whatever I said must have been way off or something. I had to start yelling at the classroom to get my point across. The teacher understood, and let me do so. As I finished, the class started up again and I just sat there in my desk in the middle of the room. I turned around, and Jerad was sitting in a desk on the end. This time, I wasn't asleep. I pointed at Jerad, looked at everyone, and said "see, he's right there!" No one else could see him. I tried to convince everyone that he was really there, but everyone just ended up laughing at me and thinking I was nuts. From then on, everyone would look at me and just laugh. Jerad still sat in the desk he'd been in, but didn't seem phased by any of it. I think I continued to another class, and Jerad followed. Everyone continued to laugh at me and think I was crazy. I don't remember anything after that.

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