Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dream sleeping has returned! D:

July 20th, 2010- Darn, I went a few weeks without it.

I swear, once I’m even half-asleep in my dream, no one can get me to do anything. It could be like:

“CLAG, WAKE UP *starts beating with a bat*”

“…………. *mumblemumble*….hurrmrmurrurrrrrr….” ZzZZZzzZzz

So last night I was leaned against some wall in the middle school’s cafeteria (where many dreams seem to take place partly for some reason), and they were playing some sort of game where this guy was asking questions to these teams (there were 3 teams). He picked me to answer a question, and all of my team was like FUUUUU- Clag is asleep! Apparently in my sleep I can still move (?) so I ended up just putting my arms up and making some gesture saying I don’t know along with some mumbling. My team was like “CLAG WHY DID YOU SAY THAT GAHHH”, and I just layed there without saying anything else, haha. I just remember thinking “wtf else am I supposed to say man, I’m sleeping, why would I know!”

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