Saturday, August 28, 2010

Falling falling falling, waking sleeping dying.

August 11th, 2010- I started out playing WoW. Shortly after, a few people showed up at my house, and then my house turned into Allison Inscoe's new house. She showed us around, and the only thing that felt off was the fact that we could only move in squares, if that makes sense. All I remember after that is that Caleb Collins and myself left the house, walked a short distance, and then a wormhole came out of no where in ground below us. We fell through this wormhole, landing in what could have been another dimension, time, world, or universe. That only lasted a few second before we fell through another wormhole, which left us in pretty much in same situation. There was an odd feedback noise when Caleb and I were standing close to each other after falling through them. We fell through yet another wormhole, but this time, we landed in a very empty area on solid ground. Something was different though… Caleb was not there with me. In front of me was a large tortoise, standing on his back feet. He started talking to me, telling me "You must save Caleb. To do this, you must die sacrificing yourself." Moments later, two Tyrannosaurus rex appeared about 40 feet away on either side of me, both racing towards me. Another wormhole appeared under me, but this time I didn't fall. I could make a choice. I decided to close my eyes… and now a change of setting. I wake up in a small bed, on vacation somewhere. I tell my mom everything that happened in my 'dream', and then fall back asleep (in the dream). This time, I am in what is most likely supposed to be downtown Zionsville, where a big storm is coming. The buildings were very long and looked odd, and I think the whole perspective of the town was distorted. Everyone was rushing to get inside, including myself. I kept running and running, trying to find safety, when a tornado came down about 20 feet in front of me. I started running the other way, but the tornado caught up with me. Of course, I woke up (in real life this time) as soon as it began to devour me.

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