Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Photo Thing, I Saw Dead People.

August 2nd, 2010- Both of my dreams this night were connected with older dreams. I don't remember much from the older dreams, but I do remember enough to know that they were either connected or were continuations of the older dreams. The 2nd dream is much more interesting.

The first dream, I was at some sort of big festival thing. There was an large area with tons of people there, as well as many screens around. I walked all the way to the back, but just couldn't understand why I was there. Thankfully, a guy sitting down near where I was standing said, "You must be Matt!" I looked at him and immediately knew why I was there. In a previous dream, I signed up for some big photography there where I would have a guy teach me some stuff. Not much happened in this dream, other than us sitting down, him talking, and him holding a couple of snakes.

In the 2nd one, I was in some sort of building. I was in the same spot I was when I left off at an older dream that was obstacle-like. This time, I remember trying to find my way into another room but was unable to. I'm not sure what my task was, but I ended up finding it when a lightbulb came on above my head while talking to my sister. There was a 'horse wheel' table (that is what I called it in the dream), in the dream that I had passed in the older dream that I decided to go back to. When I went back, I found that in the middle of this table was a very interesting clock of some sort, which wasn't working. I started to twist the protruding piece of wood and metal in the middle of the table, and heard it start dinging. Some other music started to play as well, but I didn't notice anything until I turned around to tell my sister that I wasn't sure what had happened. At that point I had changed my thought, and realized I was seeing ghosts. I was seeing dead people (IIII SEEE DEADD PEOPLLEEE). There seemed to be multiple beings around, but one stood/sat next to me at this table. It was a very young dead boy, who did not look pleasant. I remembered Jan telling me that I needed to talk to this boy, and when he did some certain thing, I had to rip out his left eye. Even though I knew I was ok, I was too frightened by the initial look of this boy that I woke up while trying to continue the conversation.

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