Sunday, August 29, 2010


August 28th, 2010- I started out in an unfinished building. It had about 3 levels, concrete floors, no walls, and no ceiling. It was in the middle of a large city. I stood on the highest floor of the unfinished building, looking around me. I didn't feel like I was actually there… I felt like I was watching everything around me as if it was a movie that I wasn't a part of, but was just viewing from the inside. The first thing I did after standing there for a minute was yell "GODZILLAAAAAAAA" and laughed as I must have thought I was watching one of those movies. As I kept laughing, I turned around. There was a HUGE gray wolf standing there, with the height of its shoulders matching mine. As it started at me, mouse open, I stood there blank for a few moments. I stuck my finger out to see what would happen, and the wolf started to very slowly clamp its mouth onto my finger. As soon as it started to hurt, I sort of snapped out of it and realized what was happening. I quickly pulled my finger out and backed away. The wolf lunged at me, I dodged it, launched myself into the sky, and the wolf followed. Yes, apparently the wolf and I could fly. The wolf flew closer, and tried to attack. I punched it in the face, and it flew backward through the air. I knew that after that first punch, it wasn't going to be that easy the next time (for some reason). The wolf flew towards me once again, and this time, I decided to use my legs as defense. I stuck my foot out in front of me to block the wolf, but the wolf ended up faking me out and flying very close to me, passing me, circling, and doing the same thing again. This same thing happened over and over. The wolf continued to fake me out and circle me. It wasn't really a circle, it was more like this. As this same thing continues, some old school hip hop music was playing in the background. The dream ended before anything else happened.

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