Tuesday, September 21, 2010

'Cloudkicker' gets owned

September 18th, 2010- Tim and I were sitting outside (he was referred to as myungtrucci in the dream but I'll call him Tim here). It was pretty dark out, but there was a campfire nearby. Cloudkicker's music was playing, and apparently Tim WAS Cloudkicker. Some random kid showed up and sat next to me, so I showed him Tim's music (Cloudkicker) to see what he thought. He didn't really seem to be paying attention, or seemed bored. I must have known the guy, 'cause I didn't seemed surprised he wasn't into it. Now for a change of scene: Tim and I were over hanging with his parents by the fire, but that didn't last long. We started heading back to the spot we started in, though there was a really tiny house on the way that we started talking about. It was supposedly a really creepy little house, I don't know. As we continued to head back to our spot, Tim started talking about how his parents don't believe that he is Cloudkicker, haha. When we got back, Tim started playing music once again. I was sitting ~8 feet away from him at the time talking to him, but I wasn't really paying attention because I thought I saw something sitting in the darkness to my right. I moved a little closer to it, and realized there was definitely something there. It startled me for one reason only: it did not have an ! above its head (lol WoW). Some really creepy music started playing in the background (really creepy bell sounds). For some reason, this also meant that whatever it was 'dead' (zombie?). I immediately lunged toward it, and fought it for a few seconds, then backed off and walked backward toward Tim. The 'thing' was Sven (how the heck could Sven be scary? haha). As soon as I saw Sven, he lunged at Tim and bit his arm as if he was starting to eat him. I woke up.

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