Saturday, January 22, 2011

Don't f*** with my wife

January 21st, 2011- I only remember the more intense part of this dream. I had a wife (not anyone I actually know) that I lived with in what seemed to be a one room house. There was a man in our house that clearly was there for trouble. He was trying to hurt us or kill us or something. We couldn't call the police or anything, because we knew that this man had 'connections' with them and they wouldn't do anything. I managed to shove the guy into a corner floor cabinet, which apparently had no top, so his head was popping out of the top. I put a bag over his head and tried to suffocate him. He ended up busting out of the cabinet, so I grabbed a metal rake (it just happened to be in the room… haha) and started to stab him in the chest with the end part of it. They wouldn't do a thing, and he just laughed and said he won't die. I kept trying to stab him even more with the rake. He was walking toward me and I was backing up at the same time. He then decided to push my wife onto the floor, and then jumped on her. He was going to rape her. Soooo I ended up shoving the rake stick up his ass so far that it came out his mouth. That stopped him!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ah man, 2011 had to start with a horrifying dream.

I don't want to go back to sleep now.

I don't want to watch my friends be brutally tortured and killed and then be tortured and left to die again. ;_;

And then somehow end up in an oriental restaurant alive and asking the only english-speaking person there where I can find vegan strawberry ice cream.

I'll just focus on that last part.