Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why hello... storm.

March 20th, 2011- I was in some sort of gym, and there were 3 different sports being played in sections of the gym. I think I was there at this school visiting Isaac Fast. He was the only person in the swimming section, and he didn't like swimming, but his dad made him do swimming instead of letting him play basketball like he wanted to. After that, Isaac went to class and I followed him into the classroom to say goodbye. As I was leaving the classroom, I had a brief moment with a girl who had long dark hair as we passed each other by. As I was leaving the school, an older black lady hollered at me from behind, running towards me. When she got closer she realized I wasn't who she thought I was, which was apparently some long lost love of hers. She started to tell me whatever the story was about her and whoever she mistook me as as she continued walking, me following. She headed toward a restaurant as she continued to tell me the story, so I soon found myself there as well. Getting distracted by another woman and her child, the lady walked away with them. I stood there, leaning against a post right outside the restaurant, not realizing what I was doing there, but not really caring either. The sky was very dark at this point, as if a storm was coming. A short time later, the same girl I passed on the way out of the school (the one with the long dark hair) came out of the restaurant, telling me to come inside because a very bad storm was about to hit. She went back inside, and I followed shortly after. As I walked in, I noticed everyone in the restaurant was looking at the one TV in the restaurant, which had the weather on it at the moment. The girl with the long dark hair looked at me and smiled as I walked in and stood next to her. We turned our attention to the weather on the TV like everyone else, and then I started to wake up. Instead of opening my eyes, I attempted to keep the dream going, but on a more conscious level. I didn't feel ready to leave that dream, as it really left me wondering what would happen next.

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