Monday, June 27, 2011


Dec 30th, 2009- These dreams involved some interesting games. The first game was in a pool. 2 teams. There was a large wall on each side of the wall, it didn't go all the way to the floor though. The teams would start behind these walls. Also behind the walls, there were areas to swim beneath the pool to the other side of the pool. Anyway, the point of the game was to eliminate the other team. There were 7 rounds. I did recognize the people on my team, though I don't remember who they were now. I didn't know who anyone on the other team was. We would single people out, and take them out as a group. They'd be swimming under water, and we would circle around them, and either throw them up out of the water or just hold them under until they drowned (I don't remember which it was). If it ended up being 1 on 1, I'm pretty sure we just had to choke the person to death. I was the last person left on a few rounds. I just remember that we ended up winning overall, and that I was able to take out multiple people for a win by myself.

The 2nd game I don't remember very well. It was in the barn at our log home. I remember it being scary in a way, but I really don't know how or why it was scary. We had to get to the other side of the barn without dying I'm guessing, and then ride horses out into the woods. It was one big team effort. Some of the people included in this game were my dad, Tara, Lacey, Kristine, and many more. When we got to the end of the barn, I saw scores. I got first place. I don't know how the point system worked, since I got the 2nd most amount of kills (apparently we had to kill things to get through). Tara got the most kills, which was around 71, when I got around 42 I think. Anyway, I still got first place. Lacey got 2nd place. After we got to the end of the barn, we all rode the horses down the path in our woods. There were large creatures that would start attacking us, and we would destroy them together. That part didn't last long, but just ended while we were on the path. I also remember little bats flying out of the barn. I really wish I remembered more detail on the 2nd 'game', because there was so much more going on. It was a dream that I kept waking up and falling asleep during, and I was trying to keep myself awake to avoid it continuing. The 2nd 'game' was scary, and I know that, but I really can't see why. I also know that it really took team effort to get through the 2nd game, and it took team work in the first game as well.

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