Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Must be some good butter.

June 27th, 2011- I was just sitting at a table somewhere eating lunch. Dennis was sitting across from me, and Eric was sitting a few spots to my right (no one in between and no one next or across from him). There was a jar of butter next to me, which I used a little of. Dennis then used some and passed it over to Eric. Eric goes, "WHAT THE HELL? WHO USED SO MUCH BUTTER?" like it was something important that he needed. The view goes back to me. The jar of butter somehow managed to find its way back into my hands. I had scooped out the remains, shoved it in my mouth, sort of dazed off with my head hitting the table with butter oozing all over it. Then all the sudden I was playing Halo (1st person view not 3rd).

Also had a family gathering dream at aunt Debbie's house which included my grandma getting overly excited when hugging me from behind and she started to like... hump me. I was like OH GOD WTF?! I also remember asking my sister if you can still get a tan when wearing sunscreen.



  1. That butter dream was a lot more bizarre than this post makes it sound, haha.