Monday, February 6, 2012

Gravity Fun & Fluffy Bunnies

February 4th, 2012- The dream I can remember from this night started with something I don't remember at all, but I'll start at the point in the dream I do remember:

I was riding in the back seat of a car with Tayzer in the front seat and Beckie in the driver's seat. While we were talking, I was looking through CDs that were laying around the car and came across two that I recognized- The Safety Fire, and Josh's [non-existent] old band. I gave Tazyer props for having these, as they were his.

We arrived at the place we were headed, and placed the object onto the platform which would let us in. I hopped up onto the wall, sat in my spot, and buckled in. Tayzer and Beckie sat on the opposite side of me for some reason, and so I began to unbuckle so I could go sit next to them. At that point, the person who runs whatever it is started it, and the gravity started constantly reversing, so I was holding on really hard since I'd unbuckled to move. It finally stopped so that I could switch spots. In the left corner, there was a woman standing on top of a bunch of cages with fluffy white bunnies in them. While walking to that side, she fell off the top along with a cage landed on her head, and the bunny fell out of the cage. She was injured, so whatever was planned to happen next was postponed. There was another woman to my right as I was standing in the middle of the room who said "But what about being vegan?!?!". I then decided to help by picking up the bunny to make sure it was ok and to put it back into its cage. It decided to freak out and bite me on my arm, not letting go. So I was standing there in pain, trying to get this fluffy white bunny to let go of my arm, and the dream ended.

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