Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Penguin Ear Torture?

April 17th, 2012- I dreamt that I was in a classroom, when a rockhopper penguin appeared on the front table. Then he hopped onto me and was just sitting on my shoulder. Then he stuck his foot in one of my ears and his beak in the other and started to hurt me. 

I can only hope I get over this soon, because I don’t want my love for rockhopper penguins to go away. D:

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The End and The Beginning

April 7th, 2012- I stood stranded on a tower, surrounded by a lake of nuclear waste (or something of the sort). I'm not sure how I got there, but this is familiar territory (from previous dreams). 15 minutes remained until myself and the area around me was to be destroyed (bombed?). This was apparently a regular occurrence, though obviously there is not supposed to be anyone there, or they will die. Knowing I was about to die, I got on Facebook on my iPhone, and typed a status. I don't remember exactly what it said, but it was something like, "I'm done for. I'm sorry everyone. I don't think there is enough time for anyone to find me and get me out of here. I love you all." With few minutes remaining, I just sat there waiting for my death, hoping that somehow I would be saved.

There was a change in environment. This new place seemed… like Earth. When I think about it, a whole lot more so than the previous environment. I still felt alive, but knew that I did in fact die. The only thing I remember about it was this one area I was in- very open, but full of swings from tree to tree. People sitting in the trees, swinging back and forth. It was a game of some sort- and I was playing it. There was a lot more going on than just that, but I totally forget the rest, unfortunately. I guess that's what I get for waiting until the next night to write this instead of the morning after the dream. It was all good in this new area though. It was like the start of a new life, except I didn't lose any of myself.