Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 5th, 2012- I started out at Tim's house playing Halo with a few other people. I remember only getting killed once in the game. After the game was done, I got up and went over near the pool table and started talking to people. A girl I went to school with approached me and asked me on a date. She was clearly very drunk, and in bad shape. I wasn't interested in her, but I did end up saying yes to her. I ended up just taking her home, getting her there was a pain in the butt. She would transform into a ~foot tall monster that sort of looked like this but without the horns and more light grayish/tanish color and would attack me until she randomly transformed back into herself. That would happen on and off, until we got to her room (which was actually my room?) and then I hit it back enough times or something that she finally went back to her actually self and didn't transform again. And… that was it.

I think this girl did ask me out once during recess in middle school, but just as a joke. I think I just happened to be nearby. Her friend she was with was probably like "*points* omg ask him out heheheh" I was like "What. I don't even know you."

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