Monday, December 3, 2012

Pterodactyl Attack

December 2nd, 2012- I remember being at Lion's Park, where there was some sort of exhibit being held at. As I was taking the tour, when some live pterodactyls showed up flying above us. They started shooting arrow-like things out of their mouths at people, impaling when hitting. Everyone immediately began to run away, dodging the 'arrows', trying to find a place safe from the pterodactyls. I along with the group of people I was with made it into a truck that was sitting in the park. We sat in there awhile, with no clue what to do. The pterodactyls shot at us many times, almost making it through the backs of the seats we were sitting on. It stopped happening as often, and we knew they'd moved on to the town next to the park. I left and headed towards the town. The military was already there fighting when I got there. As I was running through the buildings, dead bodies all around, I saw a minigun on the ground that I could pick up. I grabbed it, and started heading towards where the pterodactyls were to help fight. I woke up as I started shooting at them.

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