Friday, January 23, 2015

January 22nd, 2015- This morning I had one of those series of dreams in which none of them really have an ending to them, but they somehow flowed together anyway.

I started out working at some store by a beach that seemed to be both a music hardware store and a place to eat in one. I sat down at a table with a co-worker at some point, but they bolted out the door all the sudden. I look at the nearby tv with the new on, and apparently there was a tsunami about to hit. Since the store is right next to/on the beach, everyone is rushing out and trying to get higher up and futher away from the beach as quickly as possible.

I make it up the hill behind the store where some parking lot next to some apartment complexes are. A group of people get into their car and don't let me get in with them before they drive away. At that point, I see the apartment complexes, which look familiar. Some memories from a couple different previous dreams come up, and I just stand there thinking about those, forgetting about the incoming tsunami.

I then find myself in the basement of my old home, helping my mom with some chores or something. A new Between the Buried and Me song came on the radio that I had on, which surprised me since their new album wasn't out yet. Walking into the next room over, I end up behind my grandparent's pond. There's a small path leading away from it, like what I know as a 'deer path', but the soil was white instead of just dirt (so, probably sand). Near the end of this small path was a barbed wire fence that had been scrunched to the ground, so it was easy to step over.

Past that was a clear, bright grassy area with one tree to the left. As I continued, the small path ended and there was a huge grassy area that went downhill pretty steep, for a long time. At the bottom of this huge hill  was a shallow cavern of some sort, though it was still bright and filled with grass. Turns out I was there to join Btbam for some silly music video shoot they were doing (I was either a member of the band or just a close friend).

I talked to Tommy for awhile down in the cavern-y spot, and I assume we did some of the shoot as well, but I don't remember it/didn't experience it. I wanted to get away for a minute before we continued, so I made my way up the hill, and back to the small path before it. As I walked through the path, I heard some sort of bird making sound in sync with with my walking. Looking at the tree (which is to the right now, since I'm walking in the opposite direction), I see the back of some sort of dark bird with white speckles. As it turns around and looks at me, I realize it's an owl in the bright of day, so I thought that was weird, but it excited me. It flew to a higher up branch on the tree as I left to go back down the hill to do more for the video shoot for a bit. I returned a little later to see if the owl was still there, which it was, and then returned to the hill again.

While I was standing next to one of the others around halfway down the hill, I felt dumb because I'd been wearing a heart rate monitor while being shirtless during the whole shoot, haha. I kept it on though, and laid down in that spot on the steep hill to rest some. My heart rate monitor kept beeping at me while I was laying down, so I knew I'd overdone it.

I told everyone there was an owl up the hill and to come with me to see it (two of them came with me). The owl wasn't there this time. There was a change of scenery at this point, as we found ourselves swimming in the ocean. A big wave was coming at us from one side, I so looked the opposite direction knowing that was the direction we needed to run to get to land, but there was another big wave coming from that direction as well. At that point I realized I was no longer certain which way we needed to go to find land. We found our way back to the surface of the water after the waves met, and I could finally see land in one direction. One of the other two was unconcious, so we were trying to keep hold of them while we swam in that direction. Annd then I woke up.